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Strategic Planning of IT Service

An organization, including company, business unit or functional unit in a company such as IT, they must have strategy to run their organization, namely Strategic Plan. If this Strategic Plan is made for IT division, then it is called IT Strategic Plan. In organization, IT Strategic Plan has been known for a long time, some people called it IT Strategy, IT Master Plan, IT Blueprint, IT Grand Design, IT Roadmap and others. Basically, they all have the same purpose: identifying the task of what this division must do in the next 3 to 5 years in order to implement vision, mission, goals and objectives of the company. Meanwhile IT Service Strategy is part of IT Strategic Plan and becomes one of the components in company as Business Strategy. What exactly IT Service Strategy is, and why do we need to know about IT Service Strategy ? Here is the explanation

ITIL & Management of IT Services

To give depth understanding about IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), first and foremost we have to understand the function of ITIL as an intact framework. Although many of you already know about some aspects of ITIL, for instance: Service Desk Manager who has depth understanding about Service desk, and IT Manajer who expert about IT planning and IT Strategy. On the contrary, we see ITIL as unity component that consisting of various kinds of processes and functions. And it helps us to see more benefits in the implementation of the ITIL version 3 framework. Let’s have a look on analogy of management of IT Organizations, before going into a deeper explanation of the ITIL framework. In any management, whether managing company, managing an IT Organization, managing a business or enterprise (restaurants, hotels, franchises, etc), managing sports team (football, volleyball, basketball, etc). We need the way that is capable produce the maximum output with an effective and efficient process. How are the organizations and IT service is being managed in the company ?

Before we have further discussion regarding ITIL framework, let’s take one analogy about management of IT Organization. In any management, whether managing a company, managing an IT organization, managing a business or business (restaurants, hotels, franchises etc.), even managing a sports team (football, volleyball, basketball, etc.), we need to find a way to produce maximum output with an effective and efficient process. How are the organizations and IT services actually being managed within company?

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