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Dr. Dede Mulyana
CEO of PT Mitratex Konsultan

PT. Mitratex Konsultan is enthusiastically built to assist organizations in Indonesia to be able to transform their business using information technology that becomes more modern and developing. Since 2012, many organizations that run in difference business and sector, either government institutions, national private or foreign companies have been our clients and we have served them continuously in transforming their business based information technology. We have cooperated with many world-wide companies, such as IBM, Dell, Redhat, Service Now and QPR Software as our business partners in providing applicative solutions and organization tools to achieve their business goals.

This partnership will be continued and we hope that there will be more new partners coming and joining us to strengthen our services. We really know well our clients. We really understand their needs and so we get their trust repeateadly to assist and accompany them in planning, developing, organizing, and implementing solution based information technology. Therefore, we invite more new business partners as well as investors to join with PT Miratex Konsultan in assisting our clients to develop and grow their business.

We are looking forward to make a good partnership with the worldwide business partners that are able to give infrastructure technology solutions, hardware, software, or other business solutions to strengthen our solutions, and to develop our product and our service offered by PT Mitratex Konsultan in Indonesia as well as global market. Finally, we are really believed that this cooperation will create promissing businesses that are able to support the growth parties, PT Miratex Konsultan and all business partners further.

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